What is AstroWeka?

AstroWeka is a set of extensions to Weka; a popular, open-source, data mining toolkit; for use in astronomy. It makes use of the Astro Runtime and Starlink Tables Interchange Library to load data to and from the Virtual Observatory.

A short guide to getting started with AstroWeka is avaialable here

Getting AstroWeka

Web Start

To run AstroWeka using Java Web Start click here. You will need to have Java Web Start and version 1.5 of Java installed.


AstroWeka is available to download from the sourceforge project page here.


  • Load and save data in VOTable XML format.
  • Access files stored in MySpace, a distributed storage system.
  • Load data from Cone Search data services
  • Interact with other astronomical applications through PLASTIC
  • Obtaining AstroWeka Source Code

    AstroWeka is available under the GPL, it's written in Java and requires version 1.5 of the standard edition to compile. The source code is available through the projects SourceForge.net Subversion repository, the latest version can be checked out through SVN as follows:

    svn co https://astroweka.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/astroweka astroweka

    Specific releases can be obtained from the project's Sourceforge page here.

    Further Information

    If you have any questions please e-mail Brian Walshe.

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